Signed Endorsers 

Peter Madcat Ruth
James Harman
*Junior Wells
Pierre Lacocque
Mark Wenner
Harmonica John
*Carey Bell
*Norton Buffalo
Lazy Lester
*Gary Primich
"Bullit" Bill Tarsha
*Snookey Pryor
Charlie Musselwhite
Greg "Fingers" Taylor
Gary Mettler
Ivory Joe Turley
Eric Oblander
Tetsuya Nakamura
Bill Noteman
Harmonica Red
Mojo Buford
*William Clarke
Calvin "Bud" Carson
Peter Golding
Johnny G
John Sebastian
Nicky Shane
Rickey Preston
Michael Galloway
Troy Sandow
New Addition:
Jim McLaughlin Smile

Brendan Power
Tim Beattie
Hans Olson
Al Blake
Rick Estrin
Aberdeen Slim
Jim Hoke
Larry Grisham
Roman Glick
Totto Nilsen
John Fiddler
Jefferson Goncalves
David Torn
Carson Diersing
Johnny Rover
Tollak Ollestad
T.J. Klay
Frederic Yonnet
Walkin' Cane Mark
Fred Canfield
Johnny Tanner
Dave Trippy
Mojo Mark Dubrock
Pat Ramsey
Gary "Alaska" Sloan
Johnny B(Bledsaw)
Ariel R. Salvatierra from Argentina
Steven Tyler
Tony Holiday
Martin Grant
New Addition: Smile
Wally Dentz

Hamilton Loomis
Gary Allegretto
Rocky Zharp
Robert Susz
Julian Dawson
Jimmy Joe Ruggire
Neil Adler
Jelly Roll Johnson
Adam Crabb
Chris Hicks
Chris Hammersmith
Rob Paparozzi
Steve Harvell
Senou Ryuichiro
Jon Gindick
Big Tank Taylor
Jack Wessels
Rick Barrand
Jon La Lanne
Bob Corritore
Richard Berkow
Howard Golub
Chad McMillian
Mad Dog Friedman
Scott "Blue Lou" Piazza
Broderick Smith
Scott Bird
Gus Harless
Pompano Pete DeStefano
Ted Vaughn
Johnny Stephens
Will Wilde (from UK)Smile

After 20 years of building microphones, a few of our players have passed away.
* marks these missed ones!

If we forgot anyone, please forgive us, and let us know.  We're busy making mics!

CD's and Songs Performed With Shaker Microphones.

To the best of our knowledge, this list is correct.  It is not a complete list, and the players or bands are not necessarily signed endorsers.  Want to hear a Shaker?  Check out these cd's.  And get your groove on.
PS:  If you have a cd you want on this list, send it in.  We'll check it out! 

 Smile NEW CD out Aug, 2013 by Will Wilde, Raw Blues, done w/Retro Rocket mic  
"Mississippi Kisses" on the new Dani Wilde Album for Ruf Records, Will Wilde
Harmonicology - Peter Madcat Ruth
When The Jitterbug Bites - Joe Turley
This Ain't Duval Street-The Beat Daddy's
Handyman - Mississippi Heat
In My Time - Charlie Musselwhite
The Grave Digger - Walkin' Cane Mark
Faces Made For Radio - Gator Blues
The Naked Truth - Ricky Preston Band
Glad You're Mine - Karl Dring
Tales From The Dume Room-Blow Gun
The Age Of Rhythm - Nicky Shane
The Big Ones - AreoSmith
Blue Plate Special - Robin Roselle
All Kinds Of People - T.J. Klay
Live At Keith's - Hot City Band
Live In Rio-Big Joe Manfra Blues Band
Through Windows - Gus Harless
Heavy Metal Harmonica - Nicky Shane
Eclecxia - Gary Mettler - G-man Power Duo
Greia - Jefferson Goncalves

Another new CD:  by Tony Holiday, Good Clean Dirt   Laughing
What's A Man To Do - Steve White
Straight From The Heart-Pierre Lacocque
Boogie Is My Name - Jerry "Boogie" McCain
Widetrack Town - The Bed Breakers
Reflectin The Blues - The Hullabalues
Down South - Gary "Alaska" Sloan
The Hurt Is On - The Mighty Reapers
Welcome To The Blue Age - Blue Z
Get It While You Can - Mississippi Heat
Retropolitan-Magic & His Retro-Rockets
Kickin It - Hamilton Loomis
5 Moons - The Beat Daddy's
Jam Shack - Thompson Ward Band
Up Against The Wall - Madcat & Kane
The Best Of Rocky Zharp - Rocky Zharp
Ain't Just Temporary - Hamilton Loomis
More Real Folk Blues-Peter Madcat Ruth
Shadow's Of Life - Johnny B & The Shadow Creek Project
Outlaws & Renegades - Galloway & Kelliher
The Ted Vaughn Blues Band - Ted Vaughn

   any many more!  Please let us know.