The Shaker Vet Microphone
Shakey Joe smokin' his Retro Rocket
   We are proud to announce:

 very unique, functional, cool and collectible pieces of custom hand painted art,     THE SHAKER FLAMING MICROPHONE.  The same Dynamic Shaker microphone used by some of the world's finest blues, rock and country harp players, but with an optical twist. 

We have contracted one of the top custom car painters, pin striper and blues harp player, Mr. Tod Goings of Oklahoma to work his magic on a limited number of our Shaker mics.  Each mic is individual, utilizing approximately 11 coats of color and clear to produce a one of a kind collectible microphone. 

Each and every mic is hand painted and totally unique.  Any harp player would be proud to wrap his hands around one of these beauties.  Still hand made in the U.S.A. and now hand finished in Oklahoma by a harp player.  This keeping with our promise/slogan:  "Made in the U.S.A. by harp players for harp players!"

The killer tone is there, the ergonomic shape is there, the feedback rejection is there, the G.N.S. technology is there; all the good stuff Shakers are known for.  

"These are some smokin' hot mics.                                      
                        Shakey Joe

     Be the first kid on your block to own one!

PS:  These mics will be shipped  WITHOUT  the Shaker chrome label for aesthetic reasons!
These are a custom order, so please contact us directly.  We may or may not have them in stock.  

Shaker Flame Dynamic 1/4" $199.95
Harp player heaven, Shaker style
Custom Flaming Eye Candy
                        Available on custom order basis.    $249.95 and 4 weeks lead time.
A totally hand crafted and unique piece of functioning art.  Makes the ultimate gift for any harp player.

These are a custom order microphone.  Please contact us directly, as we may or may not have in stock.  Estimated delivery time will vary.