We have been fortunate to have a great distributor in the UK, namely Sutherland Trading. They supply dealers in the UK and Ireland mainly. But the good news is, we have asked them to be available to any sales, retail and dealers, to help us make our microphones more available to you. With shipping getting higher, we think this will be a good thing. So, if you are a harp player, wanting to check out a SHAKER microphone, and live anywhere in mainland Europe, you have someone closer to home to inqure from. They will direct you to a dealer, or take care of you personally, either way they will take care of your microphone needs.

This is a list of our distributors, order from them, call them, save the shipping, they will be more than willing to help. Smile
For Benelux enquiries, contact EMP Music, Netherlands
Phone: 162-520011 E-mail: or
For Switzerland enquiries, contact A. Marcandella AG, Urs Marcandella
Phone: 0041 (52) 634 00 00 e-mail:
For UK and all other European enquiries, contact Sutherland Trading
Phone: (44) 29-2088-7333
For Australia enquiries contact Kurt Jacob & Co.
Phone: 61 2 9636 7111
For Czech Republic contact Jan Hirs - Acoustic Music
Phone: 420 7311 49420 e-mail:
We really appreciate all our distributors and dealers. Please take advantage of them. They know our products. It will save you time in shipping, money in shipping, and worry. Thanks so much for checking out our line of Shaker Microphones. We've been building mics for 20 years.
Joe and Dawn, the Shaker Folks

Want to see some great harp players playing w/Shaker mics?
Check out the following links, these guys are great!
Ron Sunshine's demo is on this link.  Thankyou Ron!
Jake Robinson (Jake Knows Harmonica) He is playing with our Shaker Madcat.
 If you click directly on link below, it will go directly to our review & demo:
Link to Jake's website:
Thankyou Jake!

The Madcat Man hisself, Peter Madcat Ruth:
The Great Charlie Musselwhite! What else is there to say?
Brendan Power, one of the world's true harmonica greats.
Endorsers & uses our  Madcat, Mad Dog and Retro Rocket microphones.
Will Wilde
on of Europe's hottest players, endorses & uses the Shaker Retro Rocket, do your ears a favor, click on this!

Need some info 'bout harmonicas? Go to blues great Jon Gindicks page. This IS Harmonica Central!
A great friend & a tremendous chromatic & blues harp player, Gary "G-Man" Mettler. Don't Miss Him!


One of Arizonas' finest blues performers, Hans Olson:

Two new endorsers in May 2010. Thanks!

Michael Galloway

Johnny Bledsaw aka Johnny B.





 Harper World Fusion Blues:

our player in Brazil, Jefferson Goncalves:  

Pierre Lacocque at:



You've just got to take a minute and watch this, from our friend and endorser, Steve Harvell.
       His tribute to Shaker Microphone,
using our dynamic 1/4" microphone.
                                   Thank You Steve!  You're the greatest!
We have a new Shaker player in Kyle Johnson.  He has sent us this great U-Tube video of his band True Blue.
check it out:
Dannecker hand crafted harmonicas
Pieces of art you can hear!

David Torn, one the world's most innovative guitarist.
web site:
endorser of our Dynamic microphone
The number 1 music/entertainment magazine in Arkansas. This is the bible of where to go & when, to have fun in Arkansas.
Shakey Joe writes a monthly column for this magazine called "Getting Wet In Harrison". He is also the Boone County and Southern Missouri (Branson areas) representative promoting live music in both areas. Check it out!

Check out
Brain Purdys' Harp Amplification Site!!!

The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica.
Lots of info and links!

HARRISON, AR   72601