Son Gus & Shakey Joe at Namm show 2010
Madcat Ruth w/his Wireless Shaker
Shakey Joe & Steven Tyler
2016 Eric McFadden on tour in Europe
Junior Wells sent us this picture as a gift. What a gift!
the late great William Clarke w/his Shaker
Peter Madcat Ruth playing a Madcat, of course.
Gus & Joe at our booth, N.A.M.M. 2009
Luther (Big Heart Slide) & Shakey Joe, Namm 2009
Walkin' Cane Mark & Shakey Joe
Shaker endorser, Nicky Shane & Harp Gear amp
Harper at Gibson Blues Festival, Glendale, AZ, w/his Retro Rocket
way cool body art
Keith Roger, Hans Olson & Shakey, Strawberry Blues Festival
Gus Harless 1st CD "Through Windows"
Ted Vaughn w/his Dynamic Shaker
Troy Sandow w/Retro Rocket
Joe & Gus at June Bug Blues Festival
Pierre Lacocque w/his Dynamic Shaker
Madcat w/his Custom Wood Shaker Madcat Microphone
Shakey Joe & wife, Dawn
Our friend & endorser, Walkin' Cane Mark's latest CD, ck it out!
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