Shaker Mic's Sound Bytes and Ear Candy

Just for you, our inquisitive, harp-playing friends, we are offering
these downloadable MP3 formatted bits of "ear candy" to give
you a side-by-side comparison of our microphone catalog. All of
these "sound bytes" are  played by World-Class, A#1,
Butt-Kickin' Harp Huffers! We hope you enjoy them!

The following list will instruct you as to who the player is
and which "Shaker" Microphone he is using.

Boom, Boom, Out Go the Lights (harp solo) Keith Rogers & the Jump Back Brothers playing a Mad DogG-Man Power Duo (Gary Mettler playing Retro Rocket with dynamic element/special order)CD-Eclecxia (all harp tracks on the entire CD)Media
Song Title - Stay Away; Album - Too Old & Ugly; Harmonica played by Pompano Pete; Band - Ernie Southern & Deltaholics
Little_John_Chrisley_Mystery_Train.MP3 - Crystal Shaker - 400 KB
Tetsuya_Nakamura_Walking_Through_The_Alley.MP3 - Crystal Shaker - 600 KB
Pierre_Lacocque_Excuse_Me.MP3 - Dynamic Shaker - 533 KB
Pierre_Lacocque_Midnight_Ride.MP3 - Dynamic Shaker - 651 KB
Peter_Madcat_ Ruth_Baby_Changed_The_Lock.MP3 - Madcat Shaker - 601 KB
JoeTurley_35_Cents.MP3 - Dynamic Shaker - 293 KB
Jon_Lalanne_Grateful_Dead_Supermodel.MP3 - Madcat Shaker - 461 KB
Steve_Harvell_Don_t_Squeeze_Me_Out.MP3 - Dynamic Shaker - 478 kb
Jefferson_Goncalves_Don_t_Look_Back.MP3 - Madcat Shaker - 653 KB
Hamilton_Loomis_Slow_Lover.MP3 - Dynamic Shaker - 577 KB
We wish to thank all of these gentlemen for using our
Shaker Microphones.

If you hear of them playing somewhere near you,
go check them out!


& whenever,

"Give a Kid a Harp"

MP3 Samples mixed @ Sundog Studios

Thanks! - Shakey Joe