Want to see some great harp players playing w/Shaker mics?

Check out the following links, these guys are great!

The Madcat Man hisself, Peter Madcat Ruth:

Brendan Power, one of the world’s true harmonica greats.

Will Wilde, one of Europe’s hottest players, endorses & uses the Shaker Retro Rocket, do your ears a favor, click on this! Will’s CD “Raw Blues” is full of the Retro Rocket.

A great friend & a tremendous chromatic & blues harp player, Gary “G-Man” Mettler. Don’t Miss Him!

One of Arizonas’ finest blues performers, Hans Olson:

Michael Galloway Entire CD “Outlaws and Renegades” done with Shaker Dynamic mic.

Harper World Fusion Blues Player:  www.harper.biz

Our player in Brazil, Jefferson Goncalves:  http://www.jeffersongoncalves.com

Hamilton Loomis the king of Texas funky blues

Pierre Lacocque at:  www.mississippiheat.net

Dannecker hand crafted harmonicas Pieces of art you can hear!

David Torn, one the world’s most innovative guitarist and endorser of our Dynamic microphone
web site: http://www.davidtorn.net

Tim Beattie plays some wicked harp using a Shaker Dynamic mic on the great Thompson Ward CD “Porch Funk” (I will have Joe send me a link for this one)

Check out the double awesome Eric McFadden. He uses a Shaker mic to sing through. Great artist!

The number 1 music/entertainment magazine in Arkansas. This is the bible of where to go & when, to have fun in Arkansas.

The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica.
Lots of info and links! www.spah.org/