You’re always welcome to contact us to order any products, but we prefer you purchase your Shaker Microphone from your local music store or from an online dealer of your choice.
The Shaker DYNAMIC Retro Rocket – $159.95 : Call it as you see it, vintage /aged /historic /re-creation, or relic; It’s a truly awesome microphone. It’s a Shaker Dynamic Retro Rocket a “shakerized” bullet type harp mic. The Shaker RR is really easy to hold, fits right in the cup of your hands. It’s approximately 40% smaller than traditional bullet type mics. This reduces hand fatigue and allows the player to use hand movements such as wah-wah effects with more control. The Dynamic Retro Rocket has a big, full powerful sound. It is a new bullet type mic that creates its own special qualities, that any player will appreciate, but with a Shaker touch of technology and craftsmanship. Played open its voice is clear and smooth, but cup it tight, it gets nasty fast. The Dynamic RR will drive any tube amp into the tone zone. Each RR is handmade by Shakey Joe himself!
If you want more volume from your RR, use an impedance matching transformer at the amp. This increases the amps output by 2 or 3 times. So in essence, you’re getting 2 microphones rolled into 1.

1.) Direct to amp=classic, warm, smooth with great dynamics and tone.

2.) Microphone into impedance matching transformer=smoking hot & over the top, nasty & loud.

Dynamic Retro Rocket without adaptor


Shaker Dynamic Retro Rocket w/Switchcraft 332 AX Stem Adaptor


Dynamic 1/4


Dynamic Shaker with 1/4″ connector – $99.95

This mic has an 11 detent volume control knob. The tone is thick, full bodied, with a lot of harmonic overtones, and has great feedback rejection. It has a wide frequency response and strong mid range. The shape is ergonomatic, designed to fit in the hand that holds the harp, with almost no conscious effort. It’s a design thing. This greatly reduces hand fatigue and allows greater use of both hands for gestures. This is one great sounding mic. Lightweight, under 4 ounces.

MADCAT SHAKER $159.95 (with female/female coupler)
The Shaker Madcat model doesn’t look like any other microphone. It doesn’t respond like any microphone ever produced; it is a totally new approach to harmonica amplification. The design is radical, the shape is functionally perfect, the technology is typical Shaker, way ahead of the rest. The Shaker Madcat has a unique new design which enables you to amplify not only the sound of the harp, but all the hand shaped tones usually associated with acoustic harmonica playing. With the Shaker Madcat you can, for the first time, mic the natural wah-wah sound of a harmonica from inside your cupped hands. This microphone picks up all of the sounds produced within the instantly variable acoustic chamber created by your cupped hands. We call it the Ultimate Sonny Terry mic.



Mad Dog


A second generation Madcat microphone for those who love the ease of using the Madcat, but want a BIGGER bottom end. What does it sound like? We like to say “creamy” over all tone, big and full, deep in the pocket. Definitely unique. Same ergonomic shape as the Madcat, but with a bigger bottom pod. Very technique sensative due to its large diameter dynamic element. This mic has a big bite!

Tech Stuff That Applies to All Shaker Microphones

All Shaker mics are Hybred Tone Tools. They utilize low Z elements wired as Hi Z units. This produces the distinctive Shaker tonality and response when coupled with our GNS (Good Noise Sampling) technology. GNS also reduces feedback to almost nothing. If you want to get louder, just utilize an impedance matching transformer at the input of your amp and zappo! KaBoom! It goes way loud and really pushes your amp.