Shaker Mic’s Sound Bytes and Ear Candy

Just for you, our inquisitive, harp-playing friends, we are offering these downloadable MP3 formatted bits of “ear candy” to give you a side-by-side comparison of our microphone catalog. All of these “sound bytes” are played by World-Class, A#1, Butt-Kickin’ Harp Huffers! We hope you enjoy them!

The following list will instruct you as to who the player is and which “Shaker” Microphone he is using.

Artist Song Shaker MIC Used
Will Wilde Lazy Retro Rocket Shaker
Will Wilde The Wizard Retro Rocket Shaker
Peter Madcat Ruth Baby Changed The Lock Madcat Shaker
Keith Rogers & the Jump Back Brothers Boom, Boom, Out Go the Lights (harp solo) Playing a Mad Dog
G-Man Power Duo Don’t Let me Be Lonely Gary Mettler playing Retro Rocket
Little John Chrisley Mystery Train Crystal Shaker
Pierre Lacocque Excuse Me Dynamic Shaker
Pierre Lacocque Midnight Ride Dynamic Shaker
Joe Turley 35 Cents  Dynamic Shaker
Jon Lalanne Grateful Dead Supermodel Madcat Shaker
Jefferson Goncalves Don’t Look Back Madcat Shaker
Hamilton Loomis Slow Lover Dynamic Shaker
Walkin Cane Mark Somebody’s Walking Dynamic Shaker

Drawing of Shakey Joe

To see a list of songs performed with Shaker Microphones, click here.

Shaker Harmonica mics are not one trick ponies. They’re flexible, technique sensitive, tone monsters, used professionally in all genres of music by many of the greatest players on earth. Click here for a great video description of our mics recorded by Will Wilde.